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Chairman of CAISSE DE CREDIT COMMERCIAL (CCC) a structured financial services corporation, since the 2010.

His vision and goals are directed towards providing the customers with efficiency, discretion and confidentiality for sophisticated financial services, powered by the latest technology in banking and communication.

The security of customer assets and the development of the projects are driving CCC mission. The key of success of CAISSE DE CREDIT COMMERCIAL GROUP and the good reputation Worldwide is Efficient Management and the best practices in Corporate Governance. CCC is in the position now to have several offices interconnected as CCC HUB and located to better serve the clients and connected them with a global Network of trusted financial partners.

All those years, Dr. VICTOR SERRAGO has been creating an extensive networking all over the World with many specialties such as Financial, Asset and Project Management, Banking and Private Placements, World Class Internet Banking, Projects Development and Financing, Current Accounts, Wealth Management Funds, Real Estate Finance, Leverage’s Investments, Companies’ Quotation, Bank Gold Bullion Transactions and Custody.